SQL 2012 paging performance trick

I will show you a new and improved way to implement paging within t-sql

scheduling made easy with Quartz

managing a scheduled job shouldn't be so hard. Quartz makes it easy in my example. maybe this will help you out when you build out your next scheduled job

a quick service that sends emails

a walk through of setting up a windows service that sends emails using the EmailNotification library

sending emails made easy

sending emails within .NET doesn't have to be hard. i've made it easier with this simple library.

sql search

a quick and easy tool to find an object in SQL server

a quick way to create a windows service using Autofac, Quartz and Atlas

Entity Framework 4.3 with Dino in a domain-driven design environment

a peek into domain driven design, entity framework and a easy to use Unit of Work, Dino

Autofac with method interception for logging

An easy approach to logging using method interception in Autofac

What Parallels can do for you…

a timing comparison of using Asynchronous vs Synchronous when using .NET

Read Excel Spreadsheets Easily – Excel Data Reader

an example of reading and writing to Excel made easy using a open source .NET library